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Maximizing the board

Although usable, the board is fairly small compared to the overall screen size

Note how much more pleasant it is, and how the pictures of the player and flags were automatically provided

Note that to exit 'full screen mode' either click on the button again or just press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Analyzing with Fritz

 engine analysis.

Click on the Engine button and watch Fritz start analyzing right there and then under the board with
analysis and evaluations. This might not be enough to produce 2800 GM analysis, but it is more than
enough to give a quick and efficient evaluation and blunder check. Click it a second time to turn it off.

Analyzing directly on the board

  You can enter moves directly on the board. New moves, new lines, and consult the engine on any of them!

Under the notation on the right of the window are a number of tools to annotate the game simply. You will not find full text editing, which you will need to edit in either MyGames Cloud or some other program, but you can enter new moves and lines and promote them or delete them to your heart's delight.

Feel free to enter new moves and lines and analyze them with the engine directly in your browser

Saving the game or games

The title might seem slightly redundant, but it is not. There are actually not one, not two, but three different ways to save games. To be fair, the first two require the replayer to actually be displaying more than one game. 

Suppose you saw the games of the round and wanted to save all of them to your hard disk.
For that you would click on Download, placed right under the board. This will save all the games
listed below it in a single PGN.

Suppose however, you were only interested in the game you were replaying and/or analyzing
right now. Under the notation, click on the PGN button.